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Hair thinning

Hair thinning can be caused by many factors such as genetics, general health, vitamin deficiency or oily scalp. A consultation with a hair specialist is necessary to fully understand the causes of hair thinning and start an efficient hair thinning prevention program. In some cases, hair thinning can be caused by accumulated residues left on the scalp by hair care and styling products. Some ingredients, such as silicone’s and parabens, have been used in hair products for a few decades to facilitate de tangling and give an artificial shine to hair. The polymer build-up on the scalp obstructs the tunnels in which the hair grows, clogging follicles and limiting the space necessary for the hair to reach its full thickness. This phenomenon explains the thinning of the ponytail noticed in women and loss of hair density in men as early as their thirties, whereas many years ago, this thinning was observed at a much later age. It is recommended to get a residue-on-the-scalp treatment at least twice a year to make sure the scalp is free of deposits and to promote hair health and density.


Vitalia Supplements

Specifically formulated with nutrients who play an important role in stronger, healthier hair. Capilia Trichology Vitalia supplements are part of a global approach to promote hair density over time.

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