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Hair Loss Prevention and Correction

Trichological analyses are performed by a Clinical Trichologist when patients require a deeper understanding of their hair loss or scalp problems. A hair and scalp analysis allows us to see the state of your scalp up close. We use a special magnified scope to access the condition of your scalp, and the density of your hair and view your hair follicles. Our findings help us guide you to a solution specific for you. 

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What you'll discover...

  • Get a comprehensive analysis of your scalp, follicle, and hair health

  • Identify if you have any hair loss or scalp issues

  • Scientifically determine the root cause of your hair loss or scalp ailment 

  • Classify the type and stage of your hair loss or scalp ailment

  • Objectively measure the effectiveness of hair restoration or scalp health treatments

  • Provide you with personalized treatment plans based on the conclusions of the analysis and the available treatments, including referrals to specialists if needed.

  • Establish a baseline and helps monitor treatment progress, before and after images, graphs, and charts showing your hair growth and scalp health providing you with the confidence you need in your treatment plan.

At Restore Hair Loss & Scalp Clinic, we believe in providing our patients with the best possible care by using state-of-the-art technology and personalized treatment plans. Book a FREE discovery call today to learn more about our innovative approach to hair and scalp health treatment.

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