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GRO Track

At Restore Hair Loss & Scalp Clinic, we believe one of the most important parts of any hair loss treatment is objective data to monitor hair growth and quantify treatment results. This small hand-held device allows us (and you) to track and monitor your hair’s progress. We want you to see the results in real-time. This shows how confident we are in our personalized treatment plans. You will see results, and we will prove that there’s progress throughout your treatment journey by providing visual, objective, and quantitative data you can trust.

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Here's how GRO Track can make a difference:

  1. Thorough Hair Analysis: GRO Track goes beyond surface-level assessments. It delves deep into analyzing your hair thickness condition, providing valuable insights into the underlying causes of your hair loss or thinning.

  2. Progress Tracking: Throughout your treatment journey, GRO Track measures the improvement in your hair density. This allows us to track your progress objectively, ensuring that you're on the right path towards achieving your hair restoration goals.

  3. Quantitative Results: One of the most compelling aspects of GRO Track is its ability to scientifically demonstrate treatment results using quantitative data. Say goodbye to doubts and skepticism – with GRO Track, you'll have concrete evidence of the positive changes happening with your hair.

How Does GRO Track Benefit You

With GRO Track, your personalized report will include:

Before and After Comparison: A gallery featuring high-resolution images allows for a clear side-by-side comparison of your hair's condition before and after treatment, giving you visual evidence of your progress.

Custom Hair Analysis: Receive a detailed report analyzing the current state of your hair, helping us tailor treatments specifically to your needs.

Visual Representation: Charts and graphs illustrate your hair growth progress over time, providing a tangible representation of your journey towards fuller, healthier hair.

AI-Powered Recommendations: Utilizing artificial intelligence, GRO Track offers personalized treatment recommendations based on your unique hair profile and progress.

Progress Review: Regular reviews of your progress ensure that we're continually adjusting your treatment plan to maximize results and address any concerns that may arise.

Get Started Today!

Don't let hair loss, scalp concerns, or overall health issues hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards healthier, fuller hair and a happier scalp with GROW Track at Restore Hair Loss and Scalp Clinic.

Book you FREE Discovery Call today and embark on your journey to healthier hair and scalp!

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