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The Capilia Trichology's Dry Dandruff Kit is an all natural alternative for those who prefer a chemical free anti-dandruff shampoo. The Dry dandruff shampoo thoroughly cleans and removes all traces of dead skin from the scalp, leaving your scalp fresh and truly clean. The Dry Scalp shampoo moisturizes the scalp to help prevent the dry flaking that cause dandruff.

Alternate the 2 shampoos and solidify with Dry Scalp serum for a complete anti-dandruff and dry scales regimen. For those experiencing severe oily scalp in combination with scales and flakes, try the the Oily Hair and Scalp Kit.

Dry Dandruff Shampoo 250ml
Repair Sealing Conditioner 250ml
Dry Scalp Shampoo 250ml
Dry Scalp Serum 90ml

Dry Dandruff Kit

SKU: 637522012619
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