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People undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy have much less active sebaceous glands and papillae, causing the skin and scalp to become very dry. To prevent thinning due to hair follicle shrinkage, their sebaceous glands must be stimulated.

With the Térapo Médik line, you can moisturize your scalp throughout the therapy period, using gentle, natural products that were specially designed for their condition.

Térapo Médik scalp products can also be used in care both to minimize the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy while promoting  growth of new hair.

 Then kit Includes 2 shampoos (250 ml) and 2 lotions (90 ml)

Our #1 Product for good reason- this product line is the only line that addresses the scalp not hair.  During treatment women will often use their body wash for their entire body including their scalp or switch to baby shampoo.  Both of these cause added scalp irritation.  

With the chemo kit our clients have had less issues with red bumps, feeling of tightness and scalp irritation.  The added bonus of seeing their hair grow back quicker and individual hairs stronger and thicker.


Well Being Care Kit

SKU: 673522022401
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